Kappa Tau Consulting
Chemical Process Industry Specialists

... Keith Turner
Keith Turner
... 1971


1974 - 78

... B.Sc. Hons. (London) - First Class - Chemistry

D.Phil. (Sussex) - Organometallic Chemistry; Superviser - Prof M. F. Lappert

Rohm & Haas (UK) Ltd, Tyneside, Development Chemist
Acrylic and methacrylic monomer and polymer production site
1978 - 91 Davy McKee R&D, Teesside, UK; Lastly as Business Development Co-ordinator
Process R&D, Catalysis, organic and petrochemicals processes
Laboratory, pilot plant and commercial plant experience
Licensing, patents and collaborative agreements
Marketing technology

1991 - 92

Catalyst Consultants Europe Ltd, East Sussex; Project Manager

1992 - Kappa Tau Consulting

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