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How to Purchase The Steadfast Disposable Filter

Kappa Tau Filters supplies two basic components for the Disposable Rotary Drum Filter system.
The Filters are single use disposable units, and the Drive and Holder assembly, which is reusable.
Both of these components can be purchased separately.
The filters are available in two pore sizes and in two materials of construction. All filters are identical in their overall size
The basic unit is polycarbonate which is suitable for aqueous systems and some organic solvents.
A polypropylene unit is also supplied and this is suitable for a wider range of solvents.
For a quotation or to send your Purchase Order please contact Kappa Tau Filters by post, or email
Disposable Rotary Drum Filter Motor and Holder
Disposable Rotary Drum Filter Drive and Holder assembly
Part No. 4001 - Polycarbonate Housing
Filter Media Pore Size: 15 - 45 micron
Part No. 4008 - 220v AC Motor Drive and Filter Holder Assembly
Part No. 4003 - Polycarbonate Housing
Filter Media Pore Size: Ave. 7 micron, Max. 10 micron
Part No. 4004 - Polypropylene Housing
Filter Media Pore Size: 15 - 45 micron
Part No. 4005 - Polypropylene Housing
Filter Media Pore Size: Ave. 7 micron, Max. 10 micron

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The Disposable Rotary Drum Filter is a single use device, and is designed to operate in most cases for a total of 8 hours. Because of the wide range of applications that this product may be used in, this device may fail to operate satisfactorily before this 8 hour timeframe has expired. It is the user's, Kappa Tau Filters's nor Steadfast Equipment's, responsibility to determine the suitability of this device for your specific application.

The user is responsible for determining the applicability of this product for their use. The customer's use of this equipment is outside the control of Kappa Tau Filters or Steadfast Equipment, and thus neither Kappa Tau Filters nor Steadfast Equipment are responsible or liable for any damages that occur as a result of the use of this product. Because of this product's disposable nature, and the wide variety of potentially hazardous materials that it may be exposed to, Kappa Tau Filters or Steadfast Equipment cannot accept returns of either used or opened units. Steadfast Equipment's warranty on defective equipment is outlined in the Operations and Maintenance Manual.